Belgian series ‘Sex Tape’ provides relationship advice with a revealing twist

Belgian series ‘Sex Tape’ provides relationship advice with a revealing twist

The individuals

Intercourse Tape meticulously examines the relationships of 15 courageous Belgian partners, one of them, coach motorists, IT experts, entertainers, aged care employees and housekeepers who represent a variety of age and sex. Some have now been together for several years, island chat room free online some have actually simply met, some reside together, some apart, some have actually kiddies, some don’t. But there’s something they’ve in accordance – problems they need help sorting away.

A number of the individuals whom aren’t afraid to place their intercourse lives down for conversation. Supply: SBS

The host

Host, Belgian sexologist Goedele Liekens (Intercourse Box), rose to popularity after winning the skip Belgium name. Ever since then she’s finished a therapy level, been a television that is regular in both Belgium plus the Netherlands, posted a few publications working with sex-related subject material, and it has two of her very own mags.

Liekens can also be A un Goodwill Ambassador in your community of reproductive health insurance and has campaigned extensively for wider, more comprehensive intimate training.

‘Sex Tape’ host Goedele Liekens. Supply: SBS

The show: is this porn that is soft disguise?

Liekens asks the couples to unabashedly film the intricacies of these relationships them to an open discussion about what’s working, what’s not, and the habits and choices they make about sex and their overall relationship while they are at home and then invites.

Liekens is adamant that Sex Tape is perhaps not a porn show, but a lot more of an educative tool.

What exactly is actually taking place with in the rooms and living spaces among these partners? Which dilemmas are settled and those that repeat and linger?

Liekens says, “Everything we show remains suggestive. It’s not the intention to surprise but to carry a mirror as much as audiences. We wish that partners who have a look at Sex Tape start talking effortlessly about their relationship this is certainly very own.

The participants in ‘Sex Tape’ represent a variety of sex, many years and backgrounds. Supply: SBS

And Sex Tape just isn’t all intercourse, says Liekens. “Sex is indeed even more compared to the work it self, is not it? Kissing, hugging . They are also intimate acts. The same as coming house, grabbing your sweetheart and begin dancing together. Our partners additionally reveal those things into the program.”

Therefore after each and every long week of shooting, it is time, tape at hand, for every few to see the week’s action and attempt to recognize and talk about what’s going incorrect and where they are able to make improvements.

Nonetheless it’s not only Liekens who views the tracks – so o all the too other participant partners. In reality, everybody else watches everyone else else’s tapes while offering up handy strategies for relationship and enhancement that is sexual. Plus in performing this, Sex Tape enables couples the freedom to share intercourse in a great and available method while ideally benefiting from good relationship outcomes.

‘Sex Tape’ participants Pommeline and Fabrizio. Supply: SBS

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