“Demand for more authentic online experiences will continue steadily to grow” Interview with Yubo’s co-founder & CEO, Sacha Lazimi

“Demand for more authentic online experiences will continue steadily to grow” Interview with Yubo’s co-founder & CEO, Sacha Lazimi

Gen Z and Gen Alpha are spending more hours online than ever before, but at just what expense to their psychological state? Studies have shown that greatly curated laos dating sites social media marketing pages are making a toxic environment that are driving feelings of inadequacy. In reaction to the trend, French startup Yubo has created an on-line social area for Gen Z which takes the focus far from growing supporters, and instead onto making genuine friendships. Imagine a type of TikTok without influencers and likes, and alternatively a focus that is primary authentic conversation.

Since 2015, Yubo has exploded into an active community of 40 million users in 40 countries worldwide. In 2020 alone, the app experienced a 550% increase in time used on live streams. Headquartered in Paris, Yubo boasts a team that is fast-growing of, and they are currently hiring!

We trapped with certainly one of Yubo’s co-founders, Sacha Lazimi to find out more about Yubo and what makes it unique, just how he scaled the continuing company therefore fast, as well as his vision for the future of social networking. Let’s plunge in!

Sacha, many thanks when planning on taking the right time for you to meet up with us. To begin with, exactly how did you launch Yubo? Exactly What sparked your need to begin it?

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Yubo was created because we wanted to improve the real way everyone was reaching each other on line. The chance to connect in a better way – but the issue wasn’t being addressed by the sector around 10 years ago, we thought technology offered people. In October 2015, we developed a very simple app to make friends on Snapchat. Inside a 12 months, we reached 5 million users. From there we developed what exactly is now Yubo. The same way they would in real life with Yubo, we want to empower young people to socialize and create friendships in the digital world.

What are Yubo’s objective and eyesight? What is your ‘why’?

Yubo’s mission is develop a space online where young people are empowered to socialize and produce friendships in an environment that is safe. Gen Z and Gen Alpha are hungry for authentic interactions that are online focus on each other — away from the pressures that old-fashioned social platforms can pose e.g. influencers, followers and likes. Yubo is just a r m where anybody can belong. We socially inspire and permit new generations to find out about the globe and by themselves.

Yubo ended up being launched in 2015. What would you consider your many significant milestone?

Since our launch in 2015, we now have grown extremely, climbing to 40 million users in about 40 nations global. Growth is a key goal for us and hitting the 40-million user mark is a milestone that is key. Nonetheless, this growth wouldn’t happen possible without capital. Our present funding rounds, including finishing a series that is large funding round of $47.5 million (around € 39.3 million), which shut within the last few quarter of 2020, using us to simply over $60 million raised (around € 49.6 million), has additionally been a key accomplishment for the business enterprise. It offers enabled us to achieve brand new milestones us the confidence and financial backing to support our ambitions in becoming a world-leading social platform as we develop our technology, as well as give.

What’s the secret behind Yubo’s speed growth (550% b st in 2020)? Exactly what are a number of the biggest challenges of such fast business development?

Live streaming may be the future of social media marketing and has now undoubtedly been a huge driver behind our development. The digital native generation l ks for new experiences online whilst being forced to stay at home during lockdowns – and live streaming has b med as Gen Z. It’s important to see though, Yubo’s vision for real time streaming was born well before the pandemic. It really is our model that allows users to meet people with comparable passions through real time streams that has driven development.

Yubo’s primary goal is to scale users and develop whenever you can. As we continue through 2021 and past, we’re very conscious that, when you have a fast-growing platform, it’s critical to truly have the group to help that growth, so hiring the proper people during the right time is a must. Also, as we grow, a key priority is keeping our users safe. We should continue making Yubo the place that is safest for users to satisfy each other, which explains why we now have incorporated tech such as for example AI to monitor interactions between users and determine improper photos, videos, and messages being shared amongst underage and vulnerable users.

You launched very first electronic application at age 18. Tell us regarding the entrepreneurial journey.

As mentioned, the theory for Yubo arrived over a decade ago, therefore we have committed a wide range of time developing products aimed at enhancing the way people interact online. The first being a geolocated group chat platform where people could communicate with each other anonymously and the second being a platform where you could meet one person per day, either for friendship or networking before Yubo, we founded two different companies. Yubo could be the collation of all our work that is previous we learned exactly what users desired and what worked online. As highlighted earlier, when we created Yubo, we started off with wanting to deal with a challenge, and this is just a approach that is completely different exactly how we launched our first couple of items, because they stemmed from an idea in place of attempting to address a real-world issue. This method has shown effective and been a key learning for me over the past 10 years.

“Community not clout”. Inform us about Yubo’s community. Which are the users like? Exactly How did you find a way to build and maintain it?

Yubo has a g d and community that is welcoming with diverse users who originate from throughout the world. Our company is happy with our community. Our users are non-judgmental and concentrate on having meaningful conversations on topics they worry about whilst enjoying by themselves. We work to steadfastly keep up this through prioritizing security also educating users on digital literacy. We take the obligation to protect our community really really and also by having an age that is minimum of 13, ground rules and innovative security t ls, such as for instance age recognition and real-time safety alerts, we try to lessen the risk to teenagers, improve their digital awareness and finally give them the best possible experience regarding the application.

What makes Yubo unique? How can it be noticeable from its rivals – including the omnipresent TikTok?

Aside from centering on building friendships instead of followships, and prioritizing real-time that is authentic over curated articles, exactly what additionally assists us get noticed through the audience is our ‘freemium’ model. It utilizes users buying premium features, this means we usually do not count on earning profits from advertising, so we don’t have any adverts on our platform at all. This model means we will never ever offer our users’ data to create income and users don’t arrived at our platform to make cash.